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What's here?

It's some kinda of bookmarks of things I find great, and they are worth it to share with other people.

Keep an eye here to see what I do like, overtime.

  1. best non solo guitar ever, by Sean Ashby

    | Peppe Chiesa

    Soloing it's the moment where you can express your feeling over a story that is collectively told. A false believe is that - since it's your moment - you

  2. it's two people trying to stay together

    | Peppe Chiesa

    ...without saying the words "I Hate you". That's probably - and it will remain - the best stand-up comedy special in the recent times. More or less since his tv show ended.

  3. Bartosz interactive articles

    | Peppe Chiesa

    Bartosz Ciechanowski has made a awesome blog about how things work with some specific attention to engineering and physics.

  4. João Bosco e Orquestra Ouro Preto

    | Peppe Chiesa

    In my resume, its written somewhere I did studies in jazz. True, I play piano and studies jazz, and my passion is latin jazz.