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Exploring, trying out new stuff and dealing with some everyday complications. This generates some notes and I'm gonna share them here:

  1. Data Contracts Terraform/Kubernetes

    With this article I'm going to share a pattern I come up with, that I've named "Data Contracts Terraform/Kubernetes". We successfully introduced this pattern and it makes the life easier for Platform Engineers and internal customers of such platform.

  2. Are we reinventing the cloud?

    The more I'm using Kubernetes the more I'm puzzled about the direction we are going. Kubernetes is an excellent abstraction layer over a pre-existing

  3. Terraform Modules at Scale

    A bit of context In the company I’m currently working, we develop a multitude of product with diverse requirements and various technologies. If the “one size fit all” never applies to the reality that is even more true for the landscape of my company that successfully span across 30 years of

  4. Platform Engineering in K8S: dependencies

    Dependencies across Developer and Platform teams is a foreseeable challenge you have to take into account when you plan and design a Platform Engineering layer in your company.

  5. From DevOps to Platform Engineering

    Platform Engineering is becoming the new buzzword in our world. At the same time also there are multiple shifts in the tasks for an engineer exposed to production: until a while ago, there was the so called "DevOps engineer", and the role - initially covered by evolved system engineers - was

  6. Terraform variables interface with optionals

    Terraform variables interface with optionalsThe importante of interface and variable files in TerraformFlexible interfaces in Terraform

  7. Terraform and Layered Infrastructure (part I)

    Current state of the art We all know, Terraform is the current de-facto standard when it comes to describe your infrastructure.

  8. oAuth2Proxy-AzureAD-Traefik

    Summary oAuth2Proxy is a nice component for Kubernetes that adds an authentication layer, transparently, on top of your workload.